Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Concord Grapes - get them while you can!

Concord grapes are no ordinary grapes. If any fruit can be compared to candy, it has to be this one. The frosted, smooth skin splits open to reveal a sugar-sweet and yet sour, gelatinous flesh that is unlike any fruit I've ever tasted. Sure there are pits and the skin is a little tough, but this is no deterrent. I realize this description might sound a little off-putting with the gelatinous consistency and the tough skin and pits, but believe me when I say that the flavor is THE flavor of grape that you have known your entire life - think Welch's grape juice or Dimetapp - only much better. If you've been lucky enough to enjoy Concord grapes before, you know what I'm talking about, but for other people, this is such a rare, hard-to-come-by fruit. Unlike red grapes from California that show up in Whole Foods year round, these grapes are seasonal and special, and their time is now. What a treat to be able to enjoy and overdose on them as summer ends and autumn begins. It's a great transitional fruit as we leave behind peaches and look forward to apples. Enjoy them while you can, and then we'll see them again next year!


  1. I enjoyed your interview on WNYC, very informative.
    I was confused about one point. When you were asked about cooking with the Concord grape and you explained how you deal with the seeds, why didn't you discuss seedless Concord grapes?

  2. Thanks for your comment and for visiting! In all our research and eating of Concord Grapes, we've never come across seedless Concords in the markets... how interesting! I will look out for them. Does the taste differ? My brother would be sad to hear of this as he is actually quite partial to the seeds - he eats them up to get maximum nutrition out of the grapes!

  3. I have tried one brand of the seedless "Concord" grapes and they are not even close to the real thing. They didn't taste bad per se, they just didn't taste anything like a Concord. I live in Atlanta and I have found concords in Publix as this past week (November 23). They are truly wonderful and do resemble a sweet tart candy with regard to their sweetness and sour flavor.

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