Monday, April 5, 2010

Seedling Progress

I'm a rookie at gardening, so I think you can understand my excitement at how well my seedlings are doing! Going clockwise from the upper left we have cabbage, plum tomatoes, tomatoes, leeks, celery and yellow onions, just some of the many pots of seeds becoming plants on the windowsill. One of the amazing things about starting plants from seeds is being able to tell what plants are in the same family just by their seedling leaves! Cabbage is undeniably related to Brussels sprouts and broccoli, leeks and onions are obviously kin and celery and celeriac are essentially brothers! My favorite seedlings so far are the leeks and onions - they are so expressive!

Remember it's not too late to order your seeds and get started and get things going ahead of the last frost date! You don't even need fancy terra cotta pots - use a leftover yogurt container or an empty can about 4 inches high and puncture holes on the bottom - there is more than one way to recycle! Click here for my handy list of gardening resources for seeds, info and inspiration. Get planting!


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